Auto-Reverse: The Hard Way

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A look at Akai's impressively complicated 1972 Invert-O-Matic Cassette Auto-Reverse mechanism. Features a New-Old-Stock Akai CS-55D tape deck.
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If you want to see one of the Philips plastic chute machines in action, here it is and it's not half as exciting to watch as you may have imagined.

The most common comment on this video is to mention the auto-reverse deck from Nakamichi seen in the movie 9 1/2 weeks. Not too sure why when it’s already shown in this video. But since everyone wants to talk about the Nakamichi mechanism - here is a video showing it in action.

Also for some reason loads of people have insisted I state that amongst the other auto-reverse mechanisms not shown in the video, you can use a four track head so the tape can be played in either direction, this solution is commonly seen in small *players* like Walkman (Walkmen?) and car stereos.
NOTE: 4 track heads are *not common* in *recorders* .... just players.
The machine featured in this video is a *recorder*.

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