trying anime diy's i saw on tiktok w/ cricut

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Hi! Today I'm trying some cute diy anime merch & styling up my creations while chatting about some of my top 10 anime picks and other brain rot I'm experiencing.

I've been off social media for a few weeks now (both uploading and consuming) but hopefully can come back in a more permanent capacity! Here's something I had pre-filmed prior to getting sick. Sorry it's anime themed twice in a row but hopefully you can still enjoy! A wider variety of topics coming up soon though. Thanks for your patience with me, I know I've been distant and I'm not one to share, so it means a lot that you still stick with me.

PS. I only actually saw the anime jeans on tiktok - which is what sparked my interest in the cricut originally! Which is why that's the only one credited in the video. I just thought the title would be catchier this way haha

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